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Metal Stamping And Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Metal Stamping and Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Precision metal stamping is a highly versatile manufacturing process that facilitates the creation of a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential parts and products, including lighting components. It accommodates the use of aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel, all of which are materials that demonstrate the proper strength and precision manufacturability needed…

Metal Stamped Parts For The Military And Defense Industries

Metal Stamped Parts for the Military and Defense Industries

Defense and aviation equipment – from equipment trailers to aviation equipment to armored ground support vehicles – rely heavily on metal stamped components. Metal stamped parts are crafted from sheet metal, which is formed into a predefined shape by highly specialized metal stamping machinery and supporting software.  In the production of essential components, like aviation gauges…

Why Metal-Stamped Components Are Crucial For The Aerospace Industry

Why Metal-Stamped Components are crucial for the Aerospace Industry

Commercial aviation manufacturers continually strive to improve their vehicles’ fuel economy and passenger comfort. Additionally, aerospace OEMs must adhere to stringent safety guidelines as specified by governments and industry groups. These competing pressures mean that aviation components must be designed to the tightest tolerances possible. At every step of the process, from concept to tooling…

AIC On The Front Lines: America’s Household

AIC On the Front Lines: America’s Household

Located in the heart of the Midwest, American Industrial Company (AIC) has delivered high-quality precision metal stamping services for almost 40 years. Filling orders from our 25,000-square-foot facility in Gurnee, IL, our metal stamping services enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a wide variety of appliances. Whether you need fastening components for a refrigeration unit…

AIC On The Front Lines: America’s Builders

AIC on the Front Lines: America’s Builders

American Industrial Company (AIC) takes pride in being an American manufacturer with an intense focus on creating American manufacturing jobs and quality products. From our Midwestern facility in Illinois, our dedicated staff assists a wide range of customers across myriad industries with the design and fabrica tion of metal stamped parts that meet the most stringent standards in…

Common Applications For Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, And Non-ferrous Metals

Common Applications for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Non-ferrous Metals

Metals, collectively, provide a versatile and adaptable range of construction materials for countless applications. They are widely available in different compositions with various physical and chemical attributes. However, what makes metals unique is the ability to customize their properties by combining them with other metals to create alloys. Specific properties can be intentionally modified to…