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Metal Stamped Parts for the Military and Defense Industries

Metal Stamping

Defense and aviation equipment – from equipment trailers to aviation equipment to armored ground support vehicles – rely heavily on metal stamped components. Metal stamped parts are crafted from sheet metal, which is formed into a predefined shape by highly specialized metal stamping machinery and supporting software.  In the production of essential components, like aviation gauges or segments of a tank, end users require part reliability and high performance. Precision metal stamping is critical to the manufacturing process.

Metal Stamped Parts for Military & Defense ApplicationsDue to the extremely complex nature of engineering military and defense equipment and the involvement of high-level mathematics and calculations, component measurements and requirements are stringent with little to no room for deviation. Additionally, there are strict requirements manufacturers of these parts must adhere to—known as Mil-Spec. Production of these parts requires advanced technologies, precise processes, superior quality assurance tools, and reliable machinery to ensure product repeatability over high volumes.

Materials Used for Military Manufacturing

With a vast range of applications across military and defense, metal stamped components have broadly differentiated demands regarding part durability and part aesthetics. These key considerations are crucial as they may directly or significantly impact the decision of what material to use. Typically, metals used for military manufacturing include:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel

Steel variations include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and high carbon steel. There is an additional benefit to laser cutting steel, as the precision nature of the laser results in the most efficient use of materials.

Manufacturing Metal Parts for Military Applications

Created by the Department of Defense (DoD), the Defense Standardization Program (DSP) aims to reduce costs and improve operational effectiveness while also linking the DoD with other military and civil communities. Under this program, strict requirements and regulations are defined for manufacturing Mil-Spec components. Successful manufacturing of Mil-Spec components requires:

  • Operation with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Production capabilities that include tightest tolerances
  • Performance of detailed quality assurance verification and removal of any defective parts

Military Metal Stamped PartsIn general, manufacturing for military and defense applications involves a clear emphasis on precision, performance, and efficiency. Extreme attention to product detail remains critical throughout the production process, as do skilled craftsmen with a proven dedication to quality standards. Additionally, manufacturing Mil-Spec components requires product durability and dimensional and tolerance repeatability across production runs.

Manufacturing of military equipment parts includes the fabrication of sheet metals. Equipment containing metal components can include everything from tail landing gear, to firearm triggers, to torque wrenches. Regardless of the end use, Mil-Spec relies on using high-quality equipment capable of maintaining performance during high-volume production, as well as effective quality assurance tools and procedures to intercept any potential defects.

Working With American Industrial

With more than 30 years of experience, American Industrial Company (AIC) is an American manufacturer and frequent fabricator of parts and components for the military and defense industry. Our advanced capabilities include custom laser cutting and precision metal stamping and assembly.

Incorporating technology supported quality assurance methods and exhibiting a high level of attention to detail ensures our products meet or exceed Mil-Spec expectations and simultaneously minimizes defects and maximizes efficiency. Our 25,000-square-foot facility near Chicago O’Hare Airport houses our expansive inventory of specialized machines and equipment and serves a wide range of clients in the North American market.

We take great pride in our highly skilled employees who support the high standards and expectations we strive for at AIC. These talented and diverse individuals, combined with our organizational experience and manufacturing capabilities, enable us to consistently provide quality parts that demonstrate metal stamping precision and expertise.

Learn more about our American-made solutions, capabilities, and benefits specific to your needs by contacting us.

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