At American Industrial, we understand that any stamping provider can achieve precision and accuracy, but what makes a great metal stamper is to achieve precision and accuracy combined with low costs and impeccable consistency.

Repeatability is the name of the game, and is what differentiates a good metal stamper and great metal stamper. Since 1981, we’ve been developing our stamping services and investing in cutting edge manufacturing systems to ensure that our customers think of us as a great metal stamper.

As the demand for precision in every industry grows, a state-of-the-art manufacturing solution is the only way to assist commercial and industrial customers to achieve their product goals. At American Industrial, we are committed to providing these types of services and more. Our commitment is highlighted in our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our 25,000 sq. ft., facility is state-of-the-art and designed for the needs of today’s manufacturing customers. We are equipped with a vast array of stamping machines and equipment, and are located only 30 minutes from Chicago O’Hare, which gives us a distinct logistical advantage. It has also allowed us to quickly produce thousands of precision stampings every day, and ship them to customers across the country and around the globe.

This perfect blend of engineering talent, die making craftsmanship, and specialized manufacturing technology allowed us to win the contract to produce the pneumatic power tool component shown here.

In addition to designing a richly featured progressive die that would accurately reproduce the complex geometries of the spring steel component, our engineers developed a manufacturing plan that included tumbling, a process designed to smooth out sharp edges. The spring was formed from 1050 annealed spring steel.

To enhance the strength characteristics of the finished piece, they received an austempering heat treatment to achieve 38-43 Rockwell hardness. Follow-up processes included grinding the workpieces to a fine finish and precise dimension, and the application of a black oxide conversion coating to improve corrosion resistance and enhance appearance.

Quality management procedures included comprehensive dimensional measurement, visual inspections, and hardness testing to confirm that we satisfied the requirements of the customer’s specifications as well as tolerances of ±.010”, which were required after heat treating. We manufactured 25,000 units within a three-week time frame. The precision, hardened construction ensured reliable operation of the sturdy, pneumatic power tool.

To learn more about this project and the processes we used to produce it, please contact us today.

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