The Problem

A client in the commercial lighting industry approached our team with an order request for 10,000 parts. They needed a turnaround time of less than four weeks and delivery within the Midwest region. Additionally, due to the tight budget they had for the project, they wanted a vendor who could produce the parts they needed at the budgeted cost.

Our team was challenged to meet the client’s high volume and short timeline requirements without surpassing their tight budgetary restrictions. Since using more than one progressive die would increase the production cost of each piece and, consequently, surpass the budget limits, they needed to find a solution that used a single progressive die to make both parts in the desired volumes within the expected timeline and budget.

The Solution

While our team was confronted with numerous challenges at the start of the project, we were ready and willing to face them. By leveraging our expert engineers, top-of-the-line punch presses, and quality production operators, we were able to develop and execute an innovative solution that accommodated all of the project’s requirements and restrictions. We designed, engineered, and manufactured both parts using one die, which reduced production costs and kept the project on budget.

While we can work with a variety of materials, our team specifically chose galvanized steel for this project. The material was chosen because it is commonly used in the lighting industry due to its rust resistance. Additionally, it did not require plating to achieve the characteristics needed for the customer’s parts.

The Results

Our team was able to complete the order of 10,000 parts while meeting all of the client’s specifications. Ultimately, the solution we implemented was both more innovative and less expensive than any other alternative. As a result, we strengthened our relationship with the client, increasing the likelihood of them partnering with us again in the future.

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Given the many requirements and restrictions associated with this project, the client found it difficult to identify a suitable manufacturing partner for their project. However, as one of our existing customers, they knew about our reputation for fair pricing, high quality standards, and on-time shipping, so they entrusted us with it.

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