As a leading provider of precision stamped components, at American Industrial, we specialize in providing a broad scope of quality manufacturing services in addition to our world class stamping services.

The diversity of our capabilities and production capacity allows us to support the production requirements of applications for wide variety of industrial markets. Originally established in 1981, we have developed our focus and expertise in metal stamping.

Our operation is geared for high precision production, high volume, and long-term contract orders. Over the years, this commitment to the whole project has enhanced our ability to support front and back end operations, including design, full product development, assembly, and logistical support. We presently operate out of a modern 25,000 square foot facility which is located just 30 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. This is a distinct logistical advantage, which has made us a favorite among manufacturers across the globe.

In the project shown here, we created a base assembly for a customer that manufactures a long line of power tools that are used in many industries. Because we have a well-equipped facility and a technically astute engineering and manufacturing team, we were able to use and optimize a wide range of fabrication processes to create the components for this project.

The parts included a pin, base, channel, rear nose, and latch component. In addition to design engineering, the primary manufacturing operations consisted of precision stamping, milling, and casting, as well as the application of .002”-.004” nickel plating. This was performed after heat treating and after our welding technicians had a chance to utilize their TIG and brazing skills, which was part of the assembly process.

The finished assemblies featured dimensions of 8.00” in length x 1.50” in width x 2.00”in height. The combination of precision fabrication, robust welding, enhanced strength from heat treating, and highly durable plating made this product a value at any price.

Diligent execution and monitoring of our process plan brought all the components together for the assembly and shipping of 2,500 units within a three month timeframe.

To learn more about this project and the variety of processes we used to create this power tool base, please contact us directly.

Power Tool Base Assembly


Metal Stamped Base Assembly Specs


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