At American Industrial Company, we are equipped to handle large, complex jobs with expediency. Designed for use in an angled finish nailer, we fabricated the brad channel pictured here for a customer in the power tool industry.

Our in-house die design capabilities enabled us to engineer a progressive stamping die to completely form the multiple bends and angled geometries in a single sequence of operations.

Featuring 301 ¼ hard stainless steel construction, this component had finished dimensions of 8.348” in length x 0.254” in width x 0.125” in height. High throughput equipment combined with precision cut dies enabled us to hold tight ±0.005” tolerances repeatedly throughout the entire 50,000 unit production run. In-process visual and dimensional inspections validated conformance with the customer specifications.

After degreasing to remove any oils and metal fine residue, we packaged and shipped the components to the customer. We turned this high capacity project within a critical two-week timeframe. If you are interested in learning more about this project or our full service stamping capabilities, contact us today.

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