At American Industrial, we are a premier source for precision metal stampings, as well as engineering and product development.

Since 1981, we’ve been providing comprehensive high quality manufacturing services to industrial verticals across the globe. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification solidifies our preeminence as one of the nation’s top providers of high volume, precision stamped products. In addition to world class quality in manufacturing, we also offer cost-effective solutions for high volume manufacturing that calls for fast and responsive shipping.

This advantage was a big factor when a customer in the power tool industry needed a large quantity of muffler covers turned over in a short period of time. At American Industrial, we specialize in challenges, and were able to rise to the occasion to meet deadline.

Part of our solution was to develop a progressive die stamping process that would streamline production and reduce cost by minimizing the need for secondary operations.

We created the geometric features of the dies that we fabricated in-house by using a single multi-station progressive die. This allowed us to maintain the required ±.003” tolerances. Once formed, the parts exited the punch press ready to be packaged and shipped to the customer.

The cover is composed of 430 grade annealed stainless steel, which combines good corrosion resistance with useful mechanical properties to give the cover the ability to withstand long term exposure to a heated exhaust stream. The finished part featured dimensions of 2.25” in length, 2.06” in width, and .042” in thickness. Within two weeks, the customer received their entire 100,000 unit order, ready for assembly into the power tool.

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Power Tool Stamped Muffler Cover