Why Metal Stamping for Your Automotive Needs?

Metal Stamping Benefits Automotive Industry

Metal stamping manufacturing processes can quickly and cleanly create solid metal parts and forms. The process uses specialized dies that press sheets of metal into precisely the right form. Auto manufacturers benefit from using metal stamping for parts like fenders and hub caps because the dies can be used again to create consistently sized and shaped parts that meet tight specifications and tolerances. Some key benefits of metal stamping include:

Cost-Effectiveness: Once the dies have been made, manufacturers can create high-volume runs of automotive parts at a low cost. Metal stamping techniques can handle a variety of metals, which allows companies a large degree of flexibility without additional costs. The metal stamping dies themselves are also cost-effective to create and keep in good working condition. The finishing steps of producing the parts, like plating, are also cost-effective.

  • Material Efficiency: Metal stamping processes use sheet metal to create parts. Sheet metal is efficient and doesn’t add wasteful heft or thickness to the part. Sheet metal can be used for an array of parts, including structural elements, the chassis, and mechanical components in the engine or transmission systems.
  • Automation: Metal stamping processes can be handled entirely by machinery. Not only does this reduce the risk of human error or inconsistency, but it also lowers labor costs and keeps employees safe.
Metal Stamping Automotive Door

Techniques and Technologies

Metal stamping processes continue to develop and improve with new technology. Not only does the manufacturing process benefit from increased end-to-end automation, but the stamping machinery is also becoming more advanced. One popular advancement is the use of electromagnetic tools. These devices can better interact with sheet metal by using electromagnetic forces to precisely position the sheet metal. Electromagnetically assisted tools can both make more intricate, complex forms and reduce material waste by narrowing the margin between stamps.

There are three popular types of metal stamping presses used for automotive and other industrial parts. They include:

Metal Stamping Presses Auto Parts
  1. Mechanical presses, which have a mechanical flywheel powered by a motor.
  2. Hydraulic presses, which have pressurized fluids that control the pressure and application of force on a workpiece.
  3. Mechanical servo presses, which use only motors and no mechanical flywheels.

All three press types can work with automated systems, such as automatic feeders, to increase efficiency and production speed. Automatic feeders send coiled or blank sheet metal through the presses to create a fast run.

Key Materials for Automotive Metal Stamping

Materials Automotive Metal Stamping

Metal stamping presses and dies can work with many different metals to create diverse parts. Some of the most commonly used metals in stamped automotive parts include aluminum, copper, and steel. Each metal has unique attributes that make it ideal for certain applications.



  • Aluminum: Manufacturers use aluminum for visible parts and details because of its attractive appearance and light weight. Companies can also easily form alloys with aluminum and other metals to make stronger or more durable varieties.
  • Copper: This metal resists corrosion, is ductile, has an attractive finish, and is affordable. Companies can also choose copper for environmentally conscious customers; the metal is easy to recycle and reuse.
  • Stainless Steel: This metal resists corrosion and rust because it has a makeup of at least 11% chromium. Not only does it have increased durability, but it also has a lustrous, attractive surface.
  • Steel and Steel Alloys: Steel alloys come in many different varieties, such as mild steel, high-strength steel, and specialized steel that can be used to create a variety of durable parts.

Metal Stamping for the Automotive Industry

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Metal stamping is a cost-effective, fast, and versatile manufacturing method. Automotive manufacturers can use metal stamping to create a range of metal parts while reducing material waste and costs.

If you’re an automotive manufacturer in need of metal stamping services, choose American Industrial. Since 1981, we have created high-quality components to meet every customer’s needs. To learn more about our commitment to quality, contact us today, or request a quote for our precision metal stamping services.