Designed for use in a nail gun, American Industrial Company manufactured the upper yoke shown here for a customer in the power tool industry. To produce the part, our die engineers designed a multi-station progressive die for use on our straight-side press. They created intricate features, including complex over forms and shear forms, to reproduce the precise geometry accurately and repeatedly over a 10,000 unit production run.

Constructed from heat- and corrosion-resistant tempered stainless steel, this component featured dimensions of 6.469” in length x 1.53” in height. Our high capacity equipment, outfitted with in-process measuring devices, ensured we met the .010” tolerance requirement. We gave the parts a tumbled finish to deburr and brighten the surface before packaging and shipping to the customer. The project was completed within a one week timeframe to meet the customer’s delivery requirements.

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Power Tool Industry Yoke


Metal Stamped Yoke for the Power Tool Industry Specs


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