Customers in a wide array of industries rely on us at American Industrial for rapid production of precision stamped parts. One such customer recently contracted us for the fabrication of the T-plate shown here.

This product was designed for use in a bearing application, and would have to meet stringent guidelines for quality and precision. Performing work for clients in the bearing industry requires a good understanding of materials and their limitations; in this case, the part was formed from SAE 1070 carbon steel. 1070 Steel is commonly used for this type of application. It has a number of benefits, foremost its strength and ductility. SAE 1070 has just the right combination of both to make it ideal for this application.

The customer in this case provided us with detailed specification for the finished part. From these specs, we developed a highly detailed design and production process that utilized innovative solutions that delivered real-time production efficiencies. These would enable us to produce 75,000 units within a two-week turnaround.

We began the manufacturing process by building the progressive die sets that were derived from our design. After a preflight validation, we began the production run. Throughout the progressive die process, we carefully monitored the process parameters. The use of statistical process controls expedited production and assured that the quality of these components exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The workpieces measured 0.96” in width x 3.85” in length, and we produced them to within the ±.005” tolerance requirement. The dimensions and tolerances were verified through a series of dimensional and visual inspections. After the parts were fully formed and qualified, they were subject to a deburring process that included tumbling. This removed all burrs and sharp edges, and prepared the parts for the next step of production.

To add strength to the bearing bracket, the customer drawings called for the use of austempering as the heat-treatment option, which imparted characteristics that would enhance the product’s life cycle. The final step was the application of a corrosion-inhibiting black oxide finish prior to careful packaging and shipping to the customer’s manufacturing plant.

Diligent resource planning and our ability to apply proven best practices to our production operations enabled us to complete the project on spec, on time, and on budget. To learn more about this project or our ISO 9001:2008 certified precision metal stamping services, contact us today.

Custom Stamped SAE 1070 Plate for Bearings




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