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AIC on the Front Lines: America’s Builders


American Industrial Company (AIC) takes pride in being an American manufacturer with an intense focus on creating American manufacturing jobs and quality products. From our Midwestern facility in Illinois, our dedicated staff assists a wide range of customers across myriad industries with the design and fabrica

tion of metal stamped parts that meet the most stringent standards in the industry.

Whether we are inside our own manufacturing facility or working with customers across the United States, providing safe conditions for our workers and top quality products for our customers are our two highest priorities. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification speaks to our commitment to quality management and represents our pledge to our employees and customers.

Metal Stamping

The metal stamped parts we fabricate for the construction industry must be durable, able to withstand hard uses, and resist exposure to all manner of elements—from brutal weather fronts to sub-zero temperatures. Metal stamped parts must also hold up to repetitive and aggressive employ, resist wear and tear, and tolerate the impacts and lifting associated with building operations as they are implemented to support current or future populated structures.

At AIC, we have been contributing to American manufacturing, across diverse industries, for almost four decades—everything from dental offices to homes, from skyscrapers to tools.

Our metal stamping serves the needs of applications large and small, such as:

Carbon Steel Metal Stamping: Progressive Die-Stamped Wear Plate

Carbon steel is idyllic for pipelines, structural beams, axles, and gears. It is ductile and easily molded into myriad shapes that can serve a variety of purposes. At AIC, we are often called upon to produce carbon steel to an exact specifications, such as:

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Toughness
  • Tight tolerances
  • High levels of complexity

We were approached by a prominent manufacturer for the construction industry about designing a wear plate that adhered to a very specific set of durability requirements and difficult geometric tolerances. We developed a progressive die stamping method which enabled us to meet all of the complex bends, angles, and strength requirements of the application. Within two weeks, we designed the wear plate, fabricated 150,000 units from cold rolled tempered steel, treated the wear plates with nitrocarburizing treatment to guard against corrosion, and delivered to the customer.

Spring Steel Stamping: Shear Block

At AIC, we fabricate custom-made precision dies that play a major role in American manufacturing. These dies enable the fabrication of custom precision parts that meet a range of extremely tight tolerances requested by clients.

For example, a client approached us for a custom shear block that required coining and extruding, which means die tapping and eliminating the entire post framing process. Requirements for the finished part were 3.45- by 2.554- by 0.093-inches in thickness. Through the use of high-quality materials and advanced heat treating processes, we were able to design and fabricate a part that required no secondary finishing. This enabled us to manufacture and deliver on the order in advance of the client’s deadline.

AIC Supports the American Building Industry

American Industrial Company brings nearly four decades of key contributions to American manufacturing to the table. We are humbled to see our innovations at work every day at U.S. construction sites. American manufacturers offer advanced technologies at a great cost while providing safe environments for American workers. American-based manufacturing boosts our domestic economy, and it is through American ingenuity that productivity and innovation thrive.  

To learn more about what our team of American manufacturing experts can do for you, please contact us or download our eBook, Made in America: AIC’s In-House Capabilities.





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