Efficiently producing high quality prototypes requires a company with a broad range of manufacturing equipment, as well as an
experienced engineering and design staff that understands the intricacies of design validation.

At American Industrial Company, we offer all of these capabilities and the design expertise to provide world class services to our broad customer base.
Our manufacturing and tool making capabilities are vast; this extensive in-house capacity is a result of our long term investment in advanced machining and manufacturing equipment.

These capabilities are ideally suited for the fast and efficient production of prototypes. This service is supported by an impressive list of equipment which includes high precision laser cutter, and a number of CNC machining systems. Our tool department is also equipped with cutting-edge auto threading wire EDM (electro discharge machining) systems that are ideally suited for complex geometries and creating parts that conventional machining systems cannot achieve.

We add to this a complete range of secondary operations, including color matched painting, drilling, tapping, and welding. Regardless of your prototype specifications, we can finish a project that will accurately reflect the final product or work as the perfect mockup for a proof of concept study.


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Testing is the final proof that a prototype fully meets the specific design intent and criteria. We have at our disposal a vast array of highly accurate testing equipment that is operated by a quality team with many years of diverse experience. We can bring to bear whatever method is appropriate for the project; this includes the use of visual measurement, Microvu cameras, infra-red retro-reflective lasers, and fiber optics to verify dimensions, as well as environmental and structural properties.

We also use destructive and non-destructive testing to determine the hardness properties of a product, and once the prototype is completed,
we will provide a complete test report to our client. Our goal now, as it has always been, is to design a reliable and highly accurate prototype that can be consistently reproduced for short production runs.

With typical lead times of 2 to 4 weeks, American Industrial Company can provide services from design, fabrication, and testing to the production of short runs that will compete in price and quality with any industry competitors.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs, or see the table below for a complete list of our prototyping services.

Efficient Prototype Production