At American Industrial, we take a great deal of pride in our ability to provide cost effective metal stampings that deliver world class quality, as well as a host of additional value added services.

Customers from a wide variety of industries count on us every day to engineer, design, and fabricate custom made precision dies that allow us to manufacture some of the most challenging components that require high precision and tight tolerances. This capability was highlighted when a client, who is a manufacturer of construction tooling, approached us with a special shear block that they needed to be created.

This was primarily a coining and extruding project which employed die tapping, allowing us to eliminate an entire post forming process that would have slowed down production considerably. Because we specialize in challenging projects such as this, we are equipped with a number of very sophisticated presses and machining systems that allow us to take on virtually any stamping project.

This includes presses that feature tonnage ranges from 30 to 275 tons. These capabilities allow us to coin all types of metal with speed and uncompromising accuracy. We used coining, extruding, and in-die tapping to fabricate this product, which was applied to 1050 spheroidized annealed spring steel. Spheroidized annealing, for the uninitiated, is a process of heat treating used on iron based alloys.

In this heat treating process, the metal is brought up to a temperature that is just shy of conversion to a liquid state. It is then slowly cooled. The extremes impart ductility and machinability; in fact, metals that are spheroidized annealed are some of the easiest to machine.

By the use of this advanced material, and time saving processes like die tapping, the secondary operations normally associated with this type of work were eliminated.

Once formed, the shear block was heat treated to regain some of the strength lost during forming. The finished part measured 3.45″ in length, 2.554″ in width, and .093″ in thickness. Our coining for this product was extraordinarily precise, resulting in tightest tolerances of ±0.002″.

After meticulous visual inspection and verification that the final heat treating imparted a 50-55 Rockwell hardness (RC), we packaged and shipped this left shear block to our client in Lake Forest, Illinois. With our strict conformity to ISO 9001:2008 standards and advanced design and engineering team, we were able to efficiently fabricate this part for our client while achieving some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.

To find out more about this project, please see the table below, or contact us directly to learn how we can use our advanced capabilities for your project.

Spring Steel Shear Block Stamping for Construction




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