Precision Metal Stamping Services for OEMs

Metal stamping creates high-precision metal parts for every industry. American Industrial serves OEMs with reliable, high-quality metal stamping services, backed by our 30+ years of experience in the field. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, demonstrating our commitment to high manufacturing standards with every project. Learn about our precision metal stamping services for OEMs, the industries we serve, our equipment, and more.

Our Services

At American Industrial, we partner with OEMs and provide comprehensive machining, manufacturing, and finishing processes for stamped metal goods. Every order has fast lead times, and every product is inspected and processed through our quality management procedures. We work with a wide range of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, cold and hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, and stainless steel.

Our custom OEM metal stamping solutions include:

  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Coining
  • Forming
  • Folding
  • Piercing
  • Progressive die stamping
  • Shallow draw stamping
  • Secondary finishing processes

When you choose American Industrial, you’re choosing a manufacturing partner with extensive in-house production capabilities, so you can keep tight control over your product quality standards, production timelines, and production costs. Our services are ideal for high-volume production runs of critical components in the medical equipment, automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries.

Industries Served

Metal stamping processes provide high-quality production solutions for OEMs across virtually every industry. American Industrial’s metal fabrication services are 100% based in the U.S., delivering fast turnaround times and protecting our customers from international supply chain issues. Our metal stamping capabilities serve the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense: Metal-stamped parts are extremely precise, so they can be used in airframe configurations, electronic enclosures, and engines. Our aerospace parts comply with strict quality control and manufacturing standards in the industry.
  • Automotive: Our metal-stamped goods meet demanding automotive industry standards and are a common manufacturing option for engine components, electrical parts, and assembly line parts.
  • Consumer Goods: Through our metal stamping processes, we can produce high volumes of virtually identical components for the consumer goods industry. Common products include tools, recreational products, and parts for appliances.
  • Electronics & Electrical: For industrial and consumer applications, we produce busbars, brackets, connectors, and enclosures.
  • Industrial Machinery: Our metal stamping equipment can handle a wide range of strong metals and alloys, making it possible to produce rugged, industrial-strength components. These include mechanical and structural components for industrial machinery.

Quality and Certifications

To support our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we design all of our metal stamping processes with quality management in mind. Our quality assurance programs include:

  • Metrology tracking through GAGEtrak
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Hardness testing
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing
  • Fiber optics, infrared retro-reflective lasers, and Micro-Vu optical camera systems for visual inspections

All of these processes and more are designed to strictly control product development through every stage of manufacturing. Not only does this result in extremely accurate products, but it makes manufacturing more cost-effective and leads to timely order completion.

Technology and Equipment

American Industrial’s manufacturing equipment includes the following advanced technologies:

  • Press room equipment: We maintain in-house Bliss and Komatsu presses that can handle a wide range of tonnages. Our presses feature straighteners, servo feeds, stock reels, and more.
  • Supporting equipment: Our industrial production center has air compressors, cranes, and fork trucks for handling heavy and oversized goods. We also use vibratory deburring machines for smooth product finishes, spot welders for complex assemblies, and riveting machines for multi-component goods.
  • Tool room equipment: Our design and manufacturing equipment includes CNC mills, a Fadal machining center, a FANUC wire EDM system, and more.
  • Quality assurance equipment: Our quality assurance processes use advanced technologies, including Micro-Vu vision systems, hardness testing systems, metrology gages, and optical comparators.

Get Your Stamping Project Started Today

American Industrial is a trusted manufacturer of stamped metal parts for OEMs across diverse industries. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art fabrication equipment deliver high-quality metal stampings backed by our excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our custom OEM metal stamping solutions, or request a quote to start your order.