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The Advantages of Reshoring


Reshoring is the process of bringing outsourced jobs back to their home countries. It has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years in an effort to strengthen the American economy. This shift in business strategy can offer a wide range of benefits to businesses, both large and small, from increased efficiency and improved customer service to increased job opportunities and a boost to the local economy. Reshoring can help a business to achieve a variety of goals. This article will discuss the advantages of reshoring.

Advantages of Reshoring

Bringing outsourced jobs back to the home country has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the advantages.

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1). Comprehensive Control Over Products and Quality Levels

One of the main benefits of reshoring is the total control it provides over the products and the quality standards of the production process. Businesses can better control the quality of their products, from raw materials to finished products than they could if their goods were produced in a country with more lenient quality standards. Reshoring enables greater direct control over the production process, enabling companies to modify production schedules, gauge quality levels, and ensure that goods meet industry standards.

2). Streamlined Logistics

Extended transit time is one of the main hazards associated with offshore. From a manufacturing standpoint, the product is regarded as complete once it is in transit. If a batch has a problem when it arrives, you now have a multi-week supply of products that have already left the supplier but have not reached your facility. Suppose there is an undiscovered fault that was not detected in manufacturing. In that case, you now have at least six weeks of difficulties, including storing and repairing defective products, lost revenue due to the disruption, and resolving a surge in customer complaints.

3). Increased Skilled Workforce Availability

In the United States, millions of talented and highly qualified professionals are looking for jobs. Employees at every level are ready to conceive, produce, and develop genuinely cutting-edge goods thanks to American workers’ overall work ethic, which is difficult to match.

4). Simpler Supply Chain Management

Working with local suppliers can significantly increase efficiencies on multiple levels. By reshoring all operations, many critical supply chain issues are simplified. For example, transport networks are more familiar, allowing for easy tracking; customs complications and tariffs are eliminated, and delivery times are greatly reduced.

Issues with language barriers, drastic time differences, and variations in quality standard values are also avoided with domestic suppliers.

5). Less Complicated Facility Management

Globally distributed businesses know the difficulties in even the most basic connections. A sizable operating footprint comes with several distinct costs, hazards, and organizational fatigue when working with an offshore office.

When your operations are spread out across the globe, it is much more difficult to maintain consistency in production methods and quality assurance efforts.

6). Greater Availability and Affordability of Resources

All around the United States, dependable resources are accessible. The United States is the largest oil producer in the world as of 2019, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This breakthrough has decreased prices for numerous manufacturing-related expenses, with logistics and transportation being the most significant.

Energy distribution in the United States is extremely reliable compared to other countries. This reliability means that businesses do not have to worry about losing access to electricity, water, and other natural resources required for production.

7). Reduction of Taxes and Tariffs

Even though it’s expected that the United States may establish fair trade agreements with other nations in the upcoming years, rising tariffs have caused disruptions in international trade. When offshoring because popular, many businesses were able to absorb the costs of tariffs and international taxes; however, with the increase in tariffs, businesses have had to pass those costs along to the customer, damaging their customer relationships. Reshoring eliminates these issues and allows businesses to keep costs low for customers.

8). Less Legal Headaches

While American business laws can be complex, it is much easier to manage one legal system as opposed to multiple legal systems when operating offshore. Operating solely within the American legal system provides greater stability for your business long term.

9). IP Protection

Globally, intellectual property is less protected than it is in the United States. The safeguards available in the United States and Europe are significantly better than those in many other regions. If your intellectual property is stolen, you have more options for recourse in the United States than you would in other countries.

10). Putting America First

Bringing manufacturing efforts back to the United States supports the future of manufacturing in our country. There are benefits to reshoring on both the manufacturing and the consumer sides. Reshoring creates more job opportunities in many trades, allowing skilled workers to lend their talents to producing high-quality products. On the other hand, many American consumers place great importance on purchasing American-made products. Both creating jobs and increasing American spending boost national and local economies.

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Today, more than ever, the outlook for manufacturing in the United States is favorable. The factors that once made lower-cost, offshore manufacturing attractive have shifted, and public opinion suggests that consumers are willing to pay more for items created in their own country. There is a renewed interest in reshoring for all the reasons listed above, and time will tell where these attitudes will lead businesses. To learn more about reshoring, contact us today.

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