A company’s quality program defines who they are as a manufacturer. An organization with a robust program that touches upon all aspects of their operation will be a manufacturer you trust with complex requirements, more times than not.

At American Industrial Company, quality is our highest priority. We learned long ago that the key to success is to provide customers with a higher level of quality than they expect. Our organization is based on a culture of quality, and it permeates every department, from the office to the dock. We utilize quality management systems that employ a number of very effective tools. This includes statistical process control, or “SPC,” which is a method of using statistics to define and measure product quality and the production parts approval process. SPC is a method often used in the automotive industry to great success for defining complex quality standards. Our quality department also employs a number of advanced software tools including systems such as GAGEtrak. GAGEtrak is a highly advanced metrology tracking system that is used to monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations, track gage locations, and perform other important tasks to ensure that our measurement gauges are accurate and up-to-date.

In addition to visual measurement tools, we are equipped with various cutting edge visual inspection systems. One of our best is the Microvu optical camera system. This advanced tool is designed specifically to for the precision measurement of parts and assemblies. We also have at our disposal a number of other systems that are just as advanced and precise; these include infra-red retro reflective lasers and fiber optics, giving us a wide ranging capability for verifying our products.


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Quality control as a guiding concept is based in testing; our testing resources are extensive, and include the ability to perform various non-destructive testing procedures. These highly valuable processes are designed to not permanently alter the article during inspection. We also offer destructive testing, where tests are carried out to part or assembly failure. Hardness testing is also important, and is often required to determine the resistance of a material to permanent indentation. There are many types of hardness tests available to meet our customers’ needs.


Complete and detailed documentation, including inspection reports, are created for all testing and are available for review. At American Industrial Company, we take the subject of quality very seriously, which is also highlighted by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Contact us to discuss our quality services in more detail or see the table below.

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Quality Assurance - The Key to Success