The Automotive Aftermarket Explained

In the automotive industry, vehicles and parts go through a long process of development, logistics, and sales before — and after — reaching the consumer. The aftermarket, part of the downstream sales stage of this value chain, is a varied and diverse industry all its own, encompassing everything from accessories and car parts to vehicle maintenance and service.

Emerging Trends in the Automotive Aftermarket

As various trends emerge and the nature of the automotive aftermarket shifts, the industry changes. B2C sales of aftermarket car parts, for example, are shifting from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce sites.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly skipping the retail middlemen and instead selling directly to consumers.

Fueled largely by the steadily increasing lifespan of vehicles and the subsequent need for more aftermarket parts — which are continually improving in quality — the aftermarket auto parts industry continues to shift and evolve.

And as it does, more and more emphasis is being placed on digital services and supplier-to-consumer connections.

Aftermarket Auto Parts Explained

Whether an accessory, replacement engine component, standard part, or performance-enhancing addition, an aftermarket auto part is any part for a vehicle that is manufactured by a company other than the vehicle OEM.

High-quality aftermarket parts will perform as well as — or sometimes even better than — the original parts, and, if they are certified direct replacements, they won’t void your vehicle warranty.

Aftermarket auto body parts and other car parts are generally less expensive than OEM parts, offering consumers various, easily attainable options. However, there is still a great variance in quality, which means that subpar components are now more accessible to the public due to shifting sales patterns.

Specializing in precision metal stamping, tooling, and assembly services, we at American Industrial Company (AIC) are proud of our automotive metal fabrication services, creating high-quality, durable parts for the aftermarket.

For instance, we’ve manufactured floor mount securement brackets and rearview mirror mounting plates for cars, as well as motor mounts and foot pegs for motorcycles.

Get an Inside Look

At AIC, we understand the importance of keeping up to speed with automotive aftermarket news and trends. For an inside look at how our automotive metal stamping services can help in the production of reliable aftermarket car parts, download a copy of our free infographic, “Cars & Motorcycles: How We Help.”