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Why Choose Metal Stamping for Electronic Components?


The electronics industry is constantly changing. New technological innovations come out rapidly, and that means that manufacturers need to stay on top of current trends and produce innovative new items quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. An expansive range of electronics available on the market today contain components that were stamped (or could have been). Precision metal stamping offers an excellent choice for producing electronic components thanks to its low processing times and high level of precision.

As an example, light-emitting diodes (LED) have gained significant popularity as a lighting solution in recent years. LED lighting has a wide range of residential and commercial applications, and the market for it expected to grow 13% through 2022 to reach more than $54 billion in total sales globally. Other popular electronics include smartphones, augmented reality devices, and smart home technology, including appliances with IoT technology. All of these electronic items have components that can be accurately produced with metal stamping.

What are Some Common Electronic Stamping Applications?

electronic componentsElectronics is a large and diverse industry that serves countless residential, commercial, and industrial needs. There are many metal stamping applications within its different subsets. For example, computers, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, and household appliances all include electronic components that can be manufactured through metal stamping.

At American Industrial, we produce a wide variety of metal stampings for electronics manufacturers. We regularly stamp everything from small electrical components found in automotive lighting systems to larger housings using our extensive metal stamping expertise.

We have served numerous customers across the electronics sector with metal stampings that for various electronic assemblies. For example, we’ve produced components used in:

  • Cameras
  • Cleaning appliances and robots
  • Computer electronics
  • Connected audio devices
  • Handheld AR devices
  • Head-up displays
  • Heating and cooling devices
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Lights
  • Smart plugs and power strips

At American Industrial, our engineers craft a unique solution for each client’s application. We work from your part drawings to produce parts within your precise specifications.

What are the Key Benefits of Electronic Stampings?

Metal stamping has many unique benefits that make it one of the best production methods for electronic components. Metal stamping is favored by electronics OEMs and suppliers due to its high accuracy and repeatability.

Electronic devices often contain very small metal parts with no room for errors. For example, IBM’s PowerPC used billions of accurately stamped edge clips. Even with a tiny 0.5-millimeter pitch, the parts came out flawlessly. Precision stamping is the best production method available for ensuring components like these are formed correctly.

In addition to its ability to produce even tiny components accurately, some other advantages of precision metal stamping include:

  • Cost-efficiency. Metal stamping has a fast processing time and requires less labor than other methods, making it a cost-effective choice. It can easily fulfill high-volume orders with relatively short lead times. High-volume productions of identical units gain further economies of scale by offsetting the initial costs of tooling and set-up.
  • Consistent accuracy and quality. Even when producing multiple pieces simultaneously, metal stamping is extremely accurate. Even complex stamped shapes maintain accuracy, repeatability, and quality across all items within the production run
  • Human error has largely been eliminated from metal stamping since most aspects of the metal stamping process are automated. Automation also ensures that production is fast and efficient.
  • A wide variety of materials can be used in the metal stamping process, including stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and more. Using processes such as embossing, metal bending, metal punching, and other techniques, there is a high level of versatility in the metal stamping process that allows it to meet the demands of many applications.

Why American Industrial Is the Optimal Choice

American Industrial company has specialized in precision metal stamping for four decades. Our experts ensure that your electronic stampings are not only of the finest quality, but that they also include quick delivery times and competitive prices. We are experienced in a wide variety of stamping techniques, including:

  • Metal coining
  • Metal punching
  • Bending
  • Blanking
  • Piercing
  • Shallow draw
  • Progressive

Combined with our wide selection of materials, we can meet the needs of customers throughout many industries. We can handle virtually any volume, large or small, even for the most complex components. All of our processes are subject to strict quality assurance processes, as demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

There are many electronic applications that benefit from precision metal stamping. As industries such as LED lighting continue to expand, the ability to quickly produce large quantities of accurate components will become even more valuable to manufacturers. American Industrial Company is your source for custom-engineered metal components.

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