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The Advantages of Cold Rolled Metal Stamping vs. Hot Rolled Metal Stamping


Depending on your application, you may be wondering whether hot rolled or cold rolled metal stamping is the best choice. Each provides advantages for different applications. However, the chemical composition of a material grade can differ depending on the manufacturing process. This blog will explore the differences between hot roll and cold rolled steel and how to choose the best forming process for your application.

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The Advantages Of Cold Rolled Metal Stamping Vs Hot Rolled Metal Stamping

What Is Cold Rolled Metal Stamping vs. Hot Rolled Stamping?

Cold Rolled Metal Stamping

Cold rolled metal is formed by being pushed through a series of rollers at room temperature. Thick pieces of metal are ideal, and they are shaped through high pressure, which allows the material to be rolled to accurate dimensions and provides a smooth finish. Since no heating is required, cold rolled metal stamping creates a stronger product without additional resources to heat and cool it.

Hot Rolled Metal Stamping

metal stamping and formingWhen metal is heated above its recrystallization temperature, it becomes malleable. It can then be rolled and formed into the desired shape. However, the high temperatures required for heating mean that the product must also be cooled at room temperature to prevent stress fractures, resulting in shrinkage and a dry, scaly finish. Unfortunately, the variations in shape, size, and finish of hot roll-formed metal can’t be accurately predicted.

What Are the Advantages and Applications of Cold Rolled Metal Stamping?

Cold rolled metal stamping offers increased efficiency, fast turnaround, stamping accuracy, and close tolerances. Hot rolled metal stamping can only be performed on limited types such as boron steel, while cold forming is appropriate for a wide variety of metals. Cold rolled metals are more sharply and accurately defined, have increased strength and hardness, and higher technical and cosmetic precision than hot rolled products, making them desirable for many applications, including:

  • Appliances
  • Computer cabinets
  • Fan blades
  • Furniture
  • Metal containers
  • Structural parts
  • Water heaters

Why You Should Choose Metal Stamping With American Industrial

American Industrial is an industry leader in metal stamping services. When you partner with us, you are assured of the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. We use state-of-the-art machinery and advanced stamping technologies to create parts for various industries quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. Our automated processes ensure repeatability and consistency in quality.

Our capabilities serve the automotive, construction, lighting, and mining industries, among many others. We work with our customers in every phase of manufacturing, from design to prototype to finished product. With the best in stamping machines, quality control machines, and artisans, our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility manufactures products that meet the most stringent specifications and demanding timelines. Our team can also provide custom manufacturing, featuring metal stamping capabilities such as:

  • Bending
  • Blanking
  • Coining
  • Forming
  • Piercing
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Secondary Production
  • Shallow Draw Stamping

Whether you need a highly complex order of multi-step manufactured components or a one-time prototype, our team is here to serve you. Contact us today to learn more.

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