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What Demand Trends to Watch in Metal Stamping?


Metal stamping has been on the rise for years as demand for intricate metal components continues to increase in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, and personal electronics. In 2019, the market value was $220 billion and from 2020 to 2027, the industry expects a CAGR of 2.8 percent.


Meeting the growing metal forming demand will require innovation in both processes and materials, and a recent Harbour IQ Pulse Study noted that too many manufacturers aren’t prepared for that type of growth. To meet these demands, manufacturers need to expand their expertise in their processes and production of lightweight sheet materials, metal additives, and more.


The time for innovation is now. Manufacturing in the United States is booming, partly because of an ongoing reshoring initiative that is bringing more jobs back to the country. The recent setback caused by COVID-19 highlighted some of the major problems associated with offshore manufacturing, and it has inspired more companies to bring their operations back to the U.S.

What Trends are Driving Metal Stamping in 2020?

The metal stamping industry has seen significant growth as industries such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive continue to expand and seek strong, durable, intricate, lightweight components.

  • Consumer Electronics.In 2019 alone, more than 1.5 billion smartphones were sold around the world, each of which requires a corrosion resistant, highly detailed metal frame with tight tolerances and a smooth finish, as well as an antenna, chassis, camera lens holder, and more. Other equipment, from headphones to game controllers and speakers also need metal formed parts, solidifying the consumer electronics industry’s position as a key driver for the metal stamping industry. metal stamping vendor
  • Aerospace and Defense.From nuts and bolts to assemblies, combat equipment, gauges, and more, the demand for metal stamping in this sector is estimated to be worth $33.6 billion by 2027. Older airplanes are being retired to make room for quiet, fuel-efficient aircraft with parts that can be replaced easily and precisely. Though the recent shutdown heavily impacted the aerospace industry and led to a decreased demand for aircraft, we expect this slow down to be temporary.
  • The automotive industry is constantly looking to lower manufacturing costs and produce the most lightweight, fuel efficient vehicles possible. Sheet metal is used increasingly for interior and exterior structural components, transmission components, and automobile chassis with the goal of greater automobile efficiency.

Should You Consider Reshoring?

Reshoring your manufacturing can help you grow your company because you keep more of the production process under your control, even during the most challenging times. Many companies have realized the benefits of sourcing materials and manufacturing in the United States. Large, respected organizations like General Electric, Apple, Ford, and Whirlpool have reshored because it offers the following advantages:

  • Lower Transportation Costs. Eliminating the need to cross the ocean reduces the cost of raw materials and finished products. These savings can be put toward more innovation or a price
  • Reshoringreduction for your customers.
  • Quicker Lead Times. When everything is traveling over shorter distances, you reduce the risk of delays along the way, shortening your production runs by weeks.
  • Better Quality Control. Manufacturing in the U.S. means your operation will follow this country’s standards for safety and quality. Because the factory is closer to your headquarters, you can keep a better watch over the processes and protocols in your facility.
  • Supports Your Community. American companies pay American taxes, and that contributes to the community you’re proud to serve—a community that is proud to have you in it.

Why Should You Choose American Industrial Company?

American Industrial Company is a proud American metal stamper and produces all of our precision products in Gurnee, Illinois. When you partner with us for your metal components, you benefit from the time and cost savings associated with onshore manufacturing. For almost four decades, we’ve offered precision metal stamping to a variety of industries while supporting the domestic economy, protecting our employees, and upholding the highest standards for quality and safety. The American ingenuity that has brought us this far will take us into the future, and we’re prepared to meet the expected metal stamping demand.


American Industrial Company provides custom turnkey solutions, and we can help you with everything from design to delivery of the final product. Contact us for all your precision metal stamping needs.

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