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Onshore Metal Stamping Solutions-Why Work With American Industrial Company?


At American Industrial Company (AIC), we are a true single-source manufacturer of precision metal stampings. We offer complete turnkey packages that include everything from designing and prototyping to stamping and cutting the metal components. Equipped with over three decades of metal stamping and tool and die experience and state-of-the-art metalworking technology, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to provide metalworking solutions that fully accommodate all of our customers’ needs. We are an industry leader in metal stamping onshore solutions.

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Our Metalworking Services

Our primary service offering is precision metal stamping. This manufacturing process is used to turn sheet metal into various parts and products for automobiles, electronics, medical equipment, tooling, and many other industrial and commercial items. Its main advantages are its versatility, accuracy, and speed; it employs a variety of operations (e.g., stamping, drawing, blanking, piercing, etc.) to turn a wide range of metals into different metal components in low to high volumes.

Our advanced metal stamping machines allow us to accommodate various designs, materials, and stamping operations. As a result, we can offer metal components in nearly any form.

In addition to our precision metal stamping capabilities, we offer laser cutting services to cut metal stampings to the right shape and size. We employ a 3,000-watt VyTek FiberCAB 44 laser cutting system—one of the most advanced laser cutters available in the market today—to make precise, accurate, and quick cuts in a variety of metals.

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How We Deliver Quality

At AIC, all of our team members—from office to dock—are aware of the fact that the key to success is meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. As a result, we are fully committed to ensuring quality in everything we do.

Our quality management system (QMS) integrates a number of tools that allow us to ensure we meet the highest quality standards in each of our customer’s project. For example, statistic process control (SPC) allows us to use statistics to define and measure the quality of our products and the standards to utilize during the production parts approval process, while GAGEtrak allows us to keep track of calibration and other measurement operations. We also offer an extensive selection of testing services—including non-destructive testing—to ensure finished components comply with all performance requirements.

Advantages of Reshoring

Reshoring—also sometimes referred to as onshoring—is a term used to describe the act of bringing production operations back from international facilities to domestic facilities. In the past, manufacturers saw offshoring as a way of lowering production costs. However, in the current economic climate, reshoring has increasingly become the more effective and efficient manufacturing method.

metal stampingBy reshoring production operations, manufacturers benefit in several ways. For example, the cost of international transportation and shipping is rising. As a result, delivering goods manufactured offshore can be expensive. Goods manufactured in domestic manufacturing facilities are not subject to these exorbitant fees, which can make them less expensive to produce overall despite higher labor costs.

Some of the other advantages of reshoring are quicker turnaround, better product quality, and faster responsiveness to changes in market demand. These qualities are particularly beneficial in the event of disruptions to the global supply chain. For example, the COVD-19 pandemic has increased demand for numerous consumer and medical products to the point where many manufacturers are struggling to keep up. Adding in the longer shipping times, lower product quality, and slower response times associated with offshore production operations may further exacerbate the issue.

Why Reshore With AIC ?

At AIC, we produce all of our precision metal stampings in our manufacturing facility in Gurnee, IL. By partnering with us for their metal component needs, our customers benefit from product solutions made by an industry-leading manufacturer in the USA—i.e., better product quality, quicker turnaround, and faster responsiveness to changes in design and demand. This is what make us an industry leader in metal stamping onshore solutions.

To learn more about our precision stamping or other metalworking capabilities or partner with us on your next project, contact us today.

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