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Top 3 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel for Metal Stamping

Material Selection

stainless steel selection guide
Whenever you are facing a major metal stamping project, you want to make sure you choose the correct materials. Every job has a unique set of demands. Some call for higher levels of strength, while others might need corrosion resistance, and with some, the aesthetics take precedence.

At American Industrial, we take great pride in our years of stamping and assembly services. One of the reasons customers keep coming back is our ability to always pick the best material for the right job.

While we work with a variety of metals, we find that many clients request stainless steel. Because of many benefits that stainless steel offers various applications, we thought it would be helpful to provide our “Top 3 Reasons” for selecting stainless steel for your next metal stamping project.

1. Corrosion Resistance

Unlike some other metals and types of steel, almost all grades of stainless steel have high levels of corrosion resistance. Depending on its chemical composition, stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion runs the gamut from major atmospheric conditions to a whole host of acids, alkaline, and chlorides.

Stainless steel with higher levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nickel offer the most corrosion resistance. Whether you need your metal stamped product to excel in marine conditions or in a chemical tank, there is a stainless steel to fit your needs.

2. Strength

Unlike other more mild steels, stainless steels offer users higher levels of tensile strength. When put through cold working, stainless steel can be made thinner and lighter while losing none of its strength. Heat-treating is another option for those looking to attain extremely high levels of strength.

Stainless steel’s unique strength also extends to different environments including room, elevated, and lower temperatures. As with corrosion resistance, levels of strength are controlled by a stainless steel’s chemical composition.

3. Cost and Life Span

If there is one benefit that stands out, it has to be stainless steel’s durability. If you look around any major city, odds are good you will see stainless steel that has been in place for more than a century.

This metal lasts and almost never needs refurbishing types of maintenance. Combining such an impressive life cycle with decent upfront cost makes stainless steel a cost-effective choice for almost any application.

While these are outstanding reasons to choose stainless steel, there is a catch. There are many different types of stainless steels that all offer different levels of corrosion resistance, strength, and costs. Check out our Stainless Steel Material Selection Guide for a more detailed understanding.

The way to make an intelligent choice is to find an expert who will help you make the perfect choice. So if you think stainless steel might right for you, the first thing you need to do is contact American Industrial Company and let us help you choose the best grade of stainless steel for your next metal stamping project.

Material Selection Guide - Stainless Steel

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