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Stainless Steel Finishes: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Material Selection

selecting finishes ebook
The selection of the particular surface finish for a stainless steel fabrication is an integral aspect of many machining projects. After all, each type of finish carries varying advantages and benefits, as well as multiple characteristics specific to that particular finish that may play a role in the end use of the piece.

A No. 3 finish, for example, provides a clean, coarse brushed appearance, and is often used in lab applications and tools, or in high-end kitchen appliances. This is completely different than a No. 2D finish, which is better when used with deep drawing applications. Knowing these differences are critical to choosing the right finish for your needs.

While working with the right fabrication experts means getting the right guidance along the way, knowing about these distinctions provides you with a great advantage over the competition. With this in mind, we at American Industrial are pleased to offer our latest e-book, entitled Stainless Steel Finishes.

This e-book, crafted by our experts, carries with it the decades of experience and knowledge we have on the subject. It is meant to serve as an informed, invaluable resource, helping readers the unique nuances between the varieties of stainless steel finishes.

In Stainless Steel Finishes, you’ll find detailed information on:

  • Specific types of finishes
  • Descriptions of the various finishes
  • Methods for fabricating each finish
  • Applications specific to each finish

To access your free copy of the Stainless Steel Finishes e-book, simply download it from our website, and you’ll have a definitive guide detailing the properties of each finish. We also welcome any questions on the subject; feel free contact us anytime.

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