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American Industrial’s New CAGE ID


We’re ready for government contracts – American Industrial has been issued a CAGE ID.

What social security numbers are to people, the CAGE ID codes are to government contractors.  In order to do business with the government, it’s important for a company to obtain its exclusiveNAICS, DUNS and CAGE ID codes. These unique code numbers are essential for promoting and marketing purposes, and are must-haves before the company begins the bidding process for government contracts.

All these acronyms are not as complex as they might appear.NAICS stands for the North American Industry classification system which recognizes businesses by category. All companies that use the same or similar processes in their business are grouped together and used by the United States, Canada, and Mexico for easier comparability of North American business activity.

The nine-digit DUNS code (Data Universal Numbering System) is a standard business identifier used world-wide and is necessary to have before a company can register with SAM (System for Award Management – SAM registration is required before any company is permitted to do business with the federal government) which will then designate your five-character CAGE code. (This is short for Commercial and Government Entity code.)

Originally begun by the Department of Defense, CAGE codes are also referred to by many other agencies, including NASA and the Department of Transportation.  These codes are a standardized method for identifying a specific facility at a particular location and assists government agencies with determining which companies supply specific parts they might need.

So now that American Industrial Company has gone through the process of obtaining all the necessary codes, we are happy to be able to provide our precision metal stampings and assemblies to government agencies under the following:

055403315 (Duns) / 73JJ8 (CAGE)

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