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Precision Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

When people think American Industrial Company, we hope they immediately think of precision metal stamping. As we have centered our company on the stamping process, as opposed to other manufacturing processes, we certainly hope that is what we are best known for. Here, each day revolves around best serving our customers through precision metal stamping and our main focus, progressive die stamping.

Metal stamping is unique in itself—and each part is unique in itself, as the parts we make are application driven. When we perform progressive die stamping, the die is performing multiple operations in one stroke of the press, as opposed to one bend at a time. Not only does this eliminate secondary operations due to the multiple strokes, but it also provides the parts with the precision and tight tolerances needed. In metal stamping, parts don’t break, allowing for tool longevity.

Why have we chosen to focus on metal stamping, as opposed to other manufacturing processes? Since we custom work any parts our customers need, we have found that stamping provides the tightest tolerances and utmost precision. Additionally, progressive die stamping allows us to perform larger production runs as opposed to the fabrication of one part at a time, making our business much more efficient. There’s a reason people think precision metal stamping when they hear our name—come find out why!

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