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Flexibility & Efficiency: Precision Laser Cutting


Laser cutting is a commonly used process throughout the manufacturing industry and employs a high-powered, focused laser beam to cut materials into a variety of custom designs and shapes. It has become indispensable in a wide range of settings, from hobbyists to small industry to major industrial manufacturing. Below are some of the many advantages precision laser cutting offers. 


american-industrial-laser-cuttingThe pinpoint accuracy of lasers gives them unparalleled precision when cutting parts from a variety of materials. They are equally effective at cutting metal, glass, wood, plastic, gemstones, paper, and more. Traditional cutting methods required different techniques for each material; but with lasers, you can control the beam in a number of ways by adjusting the heat it generates, its intensity, and the duration of the beam, letting you work with a variety of materials and cutting styles. 

Lasers can easily be adapted to produce nearly any shape in materials of all thicknesses. This flexibility makes them useful in an array of projects, including vehicle bodies and cell phone casing. 

Less Time Consumption

american-industrial-metal-stampingThe setup process of laser cutting is simpler than traditional processes, saving manufacturers a great deal of time and labor. Because there is no hard-tooling involved, the setup times are dramatically shorter. Eliminating the need for tool changeover and maintaining a punch press frees up expensive time. 

In contrast to traditional cutting processes, the only setup time laser cutting requires is loading the needed material and programming the machine. This makes the entire setup process faster and lower in cost. Manufacturers can also quickly adjust the laser cutting equipment meet different needs, so they can easily change projects. 

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Laser cutting is an extremely accurate form of cutting, using highly focused energy and pressure. This capability enables precise cuts on smaller surfaces. The precision of laser cutting also conserves material, because it significantly reduces heat waste and leftover scrap material. Because the point of the laser is highly focused and compact, lasers can cut intricate and complex shapes. The resulting products have smooth edges and precise finishes.

One of the manufacturing sectors that uses laser cutting heavily is stamped metal manufacturing. As with many other industries, American Industrial finds the effectiveness, versatility, and time savings of laser cutting to be irreplaceable. 

Since 1981, we have manufactured top quality metal products, with unwavering attention to detail. We have the highest attention to ISO 9001:2015 standards and ensure each project is completed to our client’s satisfaction. 

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