At American Industrial, we have the capacity to manufacture very small, tight tolerance components that help our customers increase their productivity and drive out costs from their products.

This capability is a turnkey solution for many of our customers, and also includes the additional support required for various assembly operations. Our level of flexibility is what brought this customer from the power tool industry to us for the project shown on this page.

The latch assembly highlighted here represents a high volume order that includes a number of precision fabrication processes, as well as the complete assembly of four discrete components. These parts include a spring clip, spring pin, lever, and pin.

The finished assembly was designed for use as a latching mechanism on a power tool application. It featured dimensions of 4.38” in length, 1.562” in width, and 0.062” in thickness. The manufacturing process included fabrication tooling based on the customer supplied drawings and specifications. Progressive die cutting was completed on one of our high speed punch presses.

Post stamping, all of the parts were heat treated to impart even greater strength that the untreated metal possessed; this gave it robust characteristics that would allow the assembly to tolerate repeated actuations without fail for the entire service life of the product. After a comprehensive quality check, we gave the components a black oxide coating to prevent corrosion and provide uniform, clean appearance. This too was inspected for coverage and adhesion.

Our ability to fabricate well-engineered precision dies gave us a distinct advantage and complete control over quality during manufacturing. The result was a high-throughput solution that streamlined production of this high volume order.

Throughout manufacturing and assembly, in-process inspections using camera systems as well as other sensing and measuring devices ensured that only parts meeting the ±.005” tolerance requirement were shipped to the customer. Once all of the components were fabricated, we provided complete hand assembly for the entire order. This process was verified through hand-checking of the assemblies to test for sturdiness and ease of operation.

The 80,000 units in this order were shipped to the customer on time and on budget, ready for inserting into a power tool.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or the processes we used to produce it, contact us today.

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