Laser cutting is an extremely popular and versatile manufacturing process, representing the industry standard for material removal in many sectors. Its benefits and broad applications make it highly desirable for use in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to medical.


One of the main reasons laser cutting is so widespread is that lasers can handle so many commonly used materials. American Industrial uses laser cutting across the metal manufacturing process to shape and finish a broad range of products. Regardless of material, lasers are known for their ability to provide clean cuts without the burrs left behind by mechanical cutting methods.

At American Industrial, we primarily use laser cutting services for steel and aluminum:

Steel and Stainless Steel

We use laser cutting to provide precision cuts on a broad variety of steel sheets, steel blanks, and more. Our FiberCAB44 precision laser cutter can cut steel materials up to 0.25 inches thick. Steel can be cut before or after a film coating has been applied.


Laser cutting is especially useful for providing precision cuts on thin or softer metals, such as aluminum. With our laser cutting capabilities, we can accurately cut aluminum sheets, aluminum blanks, and aluminum parts or signage quickly without causing additional damage or stress to the material.

Applications for Laser Cutting

It’s difficult to generate an exhaustive list of laser cutting applications because the technique is so versatile. Still, there are some uses that are more common than others.


Laser cutting can create structural components and casings of almost any scale, including those necessary for both cell phone and automobile manufacturing. We often apply this technique to metal hydro-formed parts as a way of shaping structural support tubes. Because of these capabilities, applications for metal-cut laser span many industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics.

Medical & Surgical

Laser cutting is a crucial method for medical device manufacturing, providing the level of precision necessary to create stents, test tubes, and other crucial tools. That same precision allows lasers to operate on another, very different medium: human tissue. The principles used in industrial laser cutting can now be applied directly to surgical techniques like eye surgery, affording an exactness that is difficult for surgeons to achieve on their own.


Marking and engraving are two other key applications of lasers. Rather than cutting completely through to shape a material, lasers can also be used to mark or gouge the surface of a product. This is especially common in the jewelry industry for aesthetic and informational purposes, but its applications are much broader than that. We also use lasers to add barcodes, quality markings, and design elements to almost any component.

Learn More from Our Laser Cutting Specialists

At American Industrial Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide turnkey solutions on competitive timelines, delivering a product that exceeds your exacting quality standards.

If you’re interested in precise shaping or engraving of almost any material, you’ll benefit from a laser cutting consultation with one of our team members. For more information on our laser cutting capabilities, contact us today.