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Metal Stamped Parts For The Military And Defense Industries

Metal Stamped Parts for the Military and Defense Industries

Defense and aviation equipment – from equipment trailers to aviation equipment to armored ground support vehicles – rely heavily on metal stamped components. Metal stamped parts are crafted from sheet metal, which is formed into a predefined shape by highly specialized metal stamping machinery and supporting software.  In the production of essential components, like aviation gauges…

Why Metal-Stamped Components Are Crucial For The Aerospace Industry

Why Metal-Stamped Components are crucial for the Aerospace Industry

Commercial aviation manufacturers continually strive to improve their vehicles’ fuel economy and passenger comfort. Additionally, aerospace OEMs must adhere to stringent safety guidelines as specified by governments and industry groups. These competing pressures mean that aviation components must be designed to the tightest tolerances possible. At every step of the process, from concept to tooling…