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Automation in the Metal Stamping Industry

Metal Stamping

In a quest to become more efficient, cost effective, and lean, many industries have implemented various automation initiatives into their business strategies. It has been no different for the manufacturing industry. As more equipment becomes automated, manufacturers are utilizing these machines in their production processes.

Investing in automation has certainly become prevalent and it helps manufacturers become more productive and lean. According to this article, “A key reason is that manufacturers are rebounding in part thanks to greater productivity, getting more output from fewer workers.” As the manufacturing industry progresses forward, we expect more adoption of automation across the board.

Here at American Industrial, we have also implemented some automation into our manufacturing process. Specifically, we utilize press automation within our metal stamping machines. The automation within the press monitors repeatability, and it has the sensing ability to monitor parts throughout the process. Utilizing sensors within the press makes our die production faster and more efficient—it eliminates human error and provides us with capabilities that allow for tool monitoring and less downtime.

From the perspective of the metal stamping industry, we have definitely seen automation become more popular in various phases of manufacturing. We have found press automation useful for our stamping process, and we certainly plan on watching the development of automation throughout the industry. We believe the next few years will see vast improvements in the use of automation and an even bigger adoption of automated processes in manufacturing. Watch the progress of automation, and press automation, with us!

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