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Maintaining Quality with The Micro Vu Matrix

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micro vu matrix
At American Industrial., we emphasize quality in every aspect of our quality assurance testing services. We incorporate advanced technology, using the latest inspection/measuring systems such as the manual Micro-Vu Matrix video system. Our system, model 9050A, offers many features to deliver consistent quality measurements that typical optical comparators cannot.

This model offers large capacity (24”X18”X6”) allowing for precise measurement of small and large parts including sheet metal, print media, printed circuit boards and even PCB masks. It features a black and white video camera and monitor that delivers crisp detail and bright video images. Furthermore, the system allows us to view the part up close using its adjustable zoom, capable of 23X – 150X magnification.

The system’s high intensity profile and surface illumination combined with the video crosshair generator provides extremely accurate measurements. This is helpful in delivering precise measurements without coming in contact with the item measured, particularly when a measuring probe could easily damage the product. The system also incorporates a full geometric DRO, which offers 2mm (.0001”) resolution X, Y-axis encoders to perform complex geometric measurements.

Placing emphasis on quality assurance speaks to the character of a company. Because we insist on delivering the highest quality, you can rest assured that your prototype undergoes rigorous testing to identify issues before it goes into production. We use the Micro-Vu Matrix and other testing resources including non-destructive testing. This method ensures the prototype receives no permanent alteration during the inspection. Additionally, we do offer destructive testing for part or assembly failure. Detailed documentation is shared following all tests.

As a result, companies with a need for precision product measurement and fast turnaround, trust American Industrial because of our emphasis on quality assurance testing. Be sure to contact us to request more information about the manual Micro-Vu Matrix video system and the inspection and testing services we offer.

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