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American Industrial: Stamping our Name as your Industry Expert

Metal Stamping

High precision metal stampings. Complete turnkey solution. Attention to quality standards. Dock-Stock. What company encompasses all of these qualities? That would be us—American Industrial Company.

Having been founded in 1981, our company is family-owned and is currently in its third generation of owners. Because of our extensive history, we have been able to evolve and keep up with the constantly changing needs of the industry. How so? The investment in today’s technologies. It is understood here that the integration of automation into the manufacturing process helps make it much more efficient and precise. That is why, then, our systems include the highest level of technology—software, equipment, and machining centers all integrated into one engineering system, including electronic and computerized controls and features. This allows for the highest precision in metal stampings.

Our stampings are exactly that—precision, high tolerance, and stainless. Unlike four-slide stampings or deep drawn stampings, our stamping process allows for unlimited precision and form, on the highest grades of alloys with the highest level of expertise. Not only that, but as our name suggests, we are American owned and American made—we have certainly helped contribute to the rebirth of American manufacturing and we are excited to see fellow manufacturers begin to bring their manufacturing back to our shores.

As we move forward with our monthly blog updates, we hope to become your go-to expert on metal stampings, improvements in the manufacturing process, and the state of American manufacturing. We look forward to it!

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