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3 Metal Stamped Component Concerns for the Power Tool Industry

Metal Stamping

Types of material, plating, and cost-to-quality concerns are critical for design and fabrication.

The power tool industry holds a unique set of challenges. Designers and engineers have to respond to a demanding combination of high voltages, sharp edges, high revolutions per minute, and operation by a wide range of users, with the potential for some users to be novices.

The design of power tools poses as a test for an engineer’s design capabilities and a manufacturer’s expertise and precision in the fabrication. It is vital to be able to identify those metal stamping solutions that result in the most efficient combination of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Here are three concerns to keep in mind when designing power tools.

  1. Material selection

    The first decision you will need to make is the material for your product. Steel is one of the most popular materials across industries, with a large variety of grades for multiple applications. You will need to decide whether to choose cold rolled against hot rolled steel, each with its own durability, strength, and machinability properties.

    Carbon steel is an alternative to steel that offers improved draw quality compared to decreased hardness, while aluminum offers better lightweight and conductivity properties.

  2. Strength to weight ratio

    Due to the sheer range of environments and applications in which power tools are used, the ratio of strength to weight is imperative for the success of your power tool. For heavier duty applications, choose robust and durable materials like steel. For smaller power tools for wide consumer use, lightweight materials like aluminum will allow you to offer competent performance at accessible price points.

  3. Quality and cost of steel

    One of the most common mistakes is to save on costs by cutting back on quality. This can lead to performance issues or even potential recalls that ultimately hurt your bottom line, not to mention your reputation. With the varieties of steel available, there will be options to meet all your quality concerns will not breaking the bank.

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